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Apply to Be a Vouchers for Veterans Farmers Market 

Vouchers for Veterans gives food vouchers to Veterans which they spend at your farmers market. Then, we pay your participating vendors the amount of money they earned in vouchers.

It's good for Veterans. It's good for you.

Before You Apply

We're always looking for new farmers markets to help us feed more Veterans and return money to the communities in which they live, especially since it means supporting local businesses. Before submitting this application, please make sure that your farmers market meets the following criteria.

The farmers market has handicapped accessible parking.
The farmers market has parking nearby; within reasonable walking distance for elderly patrons.
The farmers market is open rain or shine.
The farmers market has more than one meat vendor with hamburger or steak.
The farmers market has four or more vegetable vendors.
Farmers Market Application

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About Vouchers for Veterans

Vouchers for Veterans is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We feed Veterans in New Hampshire and Maine by providing them food vouchers that they redeem at local farmers markets.

Veterans receive fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and baked goods from local producers at participating farmers markets. Vouchers for Veterans delivers nutrition and relief to Veterans and direct financial support to farmers and growers by the farmers receiving the face value of each voucher received.

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